Meet DOT 330

Need help buying/selling? Our mini-team format (we call DOTs) ensures you get seamless service for an exceptional experience, every time.

Why DOT 330?   for John 3:30 ...

He must become greater and I must become less.

Applying John 3:30 to Real Estate:

John 3:30 is a verse that inspires us to remember that Jesus should be the center of all that we do. It reminds us to acknowledge that if we make ourselves the center of our focus, we become easily motivated by the wrong things. Clients deserve that our focus be on them. When we put our focus back on God and make Him greater in our thoughts and actions, then our lives (both work and home) are lived with greater purpose and better results, especially for our clients and families.

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DOT’s are mini-teams of agents/admins we call Defenders of Truth. Since Inspired is all about YOU, it’s critical that we defend your truth in every transaction.

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